SINGLE REVIEW: Lara Andallo – When The Lights Go Out

Australia’s rising RNB star Lara Andallo has been captivating listeners with her honest and rhythmic releases that have now gained over 1 million combined streams. 

Earlier this year she released her debut mixtape ‘For Her’ which showed listeners multiple different sides of her artistry while she cohesively waving the RNB flag proudly and discovers who she is as an artist.

With her profile continually boosting, the Sydney singer-songwriter has dropped a smooth new single that hears her embracing her maturity and growth.

‘When The Lights Go Out’ is a song that explores being at one with your darkest insecurities and thoughts when you’re all alone at night after the lights go out. It’s those isolated moments late at night that can be the most challenging for some people as they have to actually face how they feel and can’t distract themselves or mask their own thoughts. 

“Cause baby when the lights go out, I hear the silence getting loud. Wish upon the stars tonight that one day we can make it work. I don’t want to let it burn, we have something that money can’t buy. I need to let it go. I swear I’m trying to move on” she sings during the chorus. 

Continuing the sonical exploration of ‘Proud Of Us’ from her debut mixtape, she shows listeners a rhythmically charged down-tempo side to her artistry. It’s smooth, mature and immediately intriguing because there are no gimmicks to pull you in. Instead it’s just her vocals and the relatable storyline of your inner saboteur that commands your attention. 

TONIGHT (Thursday 23 April) Lara Andallo will be hosting the ultimate ‘Girls Night In’ along with emerging Australian RNB vocalists A.GIRL, Becca Hatch and Ms. Thandi. Kicking off at 7pm AEST via their own individual accounts, expect an hour of stripped back performances, question and answers sessions and so much more. 

Listen to the track HERE;