SINGLE REVIEW: Jack Garratt – Better

Forever pushing the boundaries through his experimental sonic, Jack Garratt’s forthcoming sophomore studio ‘Love, Death & Dancing’ (out June 12) hears him finding a cohesive feeling through the DIY elements. 

With the goal of creating an album for people who like to dance but don’t necessarily want to go out on a Saturday night, he’s already showing a strong premise with early tracks ‘Time’, ‘Return Them To The One’ and ‘Mend A Heart’. 

Adding to that list is the infectiously bold ‘Better’ which is an anthem about the end of times that kind of feels super relatable right now. With so much negativity in the world, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed and claustrophobic with all the information and hard truths being laid on you that you just want to escape. And that escapism is what this song explores. 

“Something’s telling me to save myself. Something’s telling me to hurt myself. Something’s eating at me” he confesses during the verses before proclaiming “Oh, if I can take something to make me feel better than I’m feeling now. Then everything else will work itself out” during the anthemic hook. 

Beginning the song with a glitchy EDM sample of someone saying “hey, I think you’re really cool. I like you a lot” on repeat, he erratically changes the pace by implementing a prominent indie-rock guitar riff in the first verse. He then changes the sonic again for the chorus with a pop-dance beat that explodes with pure euphoria. 

His sound is always genre pushing and ‘Better’ is such a strong example of the innovative ideas he implements into his music. Every time you listen to a Jack Garratt track you have no idea just where it’s going to go sonically and that’s so exciting.

He doesn’t stick to one structure or format with his releases and allows them to come together authentically no matter how unconventional or DIY they may be.