SINGLE REVIEW: Gus Dapperton – First Aid

Following the release of his debut album ‘Where Polly People Go To Read’ last year, Gus Dapperton’s profile has been recently booming. With his Benee collaboration ‘Supalonely’ currently taking Tik Tok by storm, a whole new wave of listeners are discovering his vulnerable, smooth and DIY soundscape.  

The New York singer songwriter has today unveiled the lead single to his forthcoming sophomore studio album that is due later this year. 

‘First Aid’ hears him evolving as an artist as he further explores his DIY attributes and experiments with new structures. Implementing live studio instrumentation along with collaborating with his sister Amadelle to give you some new smooth harmonies, he really captures the chaotic energy that the lyrics explore. 

Reflecting on the internal pain that someone can experience while in isolation, this is a song that will become an anthem for people that feel lost and helpless within this confusing time. 

“Sorry bout my head, it’s in space. I’m still learning how to pace. I’m too atheist to pray for my life” he candidly admits during the second verse. 

The imagery that surrounds this song is so therapeutic and is like it’s own type of medication. It has a calming layer that soothes the chaotic energy that inhabits the song’s foundations. From the acoustic beginning to the cymbal crashing hook and later verses, he represents all of these feelings so well and creates a really engaging listening experience.