SINGLE REVIEW: Paige – Yellow

Paige had a huge 2019 that saw her opening for the likes of Ruel and Nina Nesbitt as well as releasing two of her biggest songs yet; ‘Bloom’ and ‘Too Much To H8’. Rolling into 2020, she played her biggest shows yet by supporting Six60 on their New Zealand stadium tour and is excitingly preparing for the release of her second EP.

But in the mean-time she has released one of her most personal and vulnerable tracks yet, the beautifully penned ‘Yellow’.

“Did my soul arrive safely? Cause the packaging’s fine but the inside’s breaking” she sings during the opening moments of the song as she sets the candid foundations for this honest moment. 

Reflecting on her battle with her mental health, she explores masking her pain by wearing a bright colour like yellow to deter people from thinking anything is wrong and continuing to suppress her own feelings. 

“Try to find a way to make a brand-new start. I’m tired of being low for so long. It won’t show. Brightest clothes over the darkest soul” she elaborates during the second verse. 

Allowing this vulnerable storyline be the full focus, the production is beautifully stripped back to just an acoustic guitar riff that is later accompanied by a simple beat that adds a little contrast and represents the masking of emotions. 

‘Yellow’ is one of Paige’s strongest releases yet and will resonate with anyone that feels a little lost. It’s a strong beginning for what is shaping up to be a huge year for the New Zealand rising star.