SINGLE REVIEW: Kelly Clarkson – I Dare You

Kelly Clarkson is ready to share a little love with her first new music since 2017. ‘I Dare You’ is a pop anthem all about choosing love over hate, over war and over hurt. It’s about opening our hearts to the possibility of what could be if we all showed some compassion and understanding.

This song comes at a very important time where we all need to come together as a global community and release some positivity into the atmosphere

“Even if you’re hurt and you can only see the worst. Even if you think it’s not enough. Oh, I dare you to love” she sings during the anthemic hook. 

The opening guitar riff has a country inspired twang to it which intertwines smoothly with the pop beats that drive the hook into that mainstream euphoric realm. It’s instantly catchy and something you can already imagine hearing on radio and TV as it’s just a feel good pop moment. 

Recording five multi-language versions of the song (French, Arabic, Spanish, German and Hebrew), Clarkson has teamed up with five different artists to give these duets an authentic touch. It’s an impressive project that bridges the gap of pop music and introduces listeners to a whole world of sound that is outside of English and K-Pop. 

It’s a return to the pop sound behind her albums ‘Piece By Piece’ and ‘Stronger’ after going down a soulful route for her eighth studio album ‘Meaning Of Life’. With her highly acclaimed talk show ‘The Kelly Clarkson Show’ on the rise and her upcoming Las Vegas residency, expect more music from the Grammy winning singer-songwriter.