SINGLE REVIEW: Joji – Gimme Love

Joji has been perfectly setting the foundations for a career that is ready to explode even more than it already has following the release of his hits singles ‘SLOW DANCING IN THE DARK’, ‘YEAH RIGHT’ and ‘Sanctuary’. 

The Japanese singer-songwriter, rapper and producer will be releasing his sophomore studio album ‘Nectar’ on July 10 and to coincide with the highly anticipated announcement he’s dropped a brand new single for you to fall in love with. 

‘Gimme Love’ is a straight up love song that hears him beckoning for affection from his lover and citing the pain it causes him when they don’t do so. It’s a really honest track that will immediately emotionally draw you in. 

“Everyone’s looking for someone to hold but I can’t let you go” he sings during the emotive outro. 

Beginning with a brooding and dark lo-fi electronic beat, he explodes into this rhythmic hook lead by fast clapping snares where he proclaims “Gimme, gimme love, gimme, gimme love. When I’m gone, when I’m gone” on repeat. 

The experimental production structure is captivating as it quickly shifts into this dream-like state that you didn’t expect it to go into but works so perfectly. It’s a moody and dark track that sonically continues the momentum his previous tracks built and will have you immediately captivated.