SINGLE REVIEW: Florence + The Machine – Light Of Love

A surprise Florence + The Machine release is something I will always embrace. She just knows how to bring out all the emotions in a effortless way. 

Finding time to shine some light in the world, the British singer-songwriter has dropped a b-side that was meant for her fourth studio album ‘High As Hope’. While it may not have made the official track listing she recently re-visited the song because its lyrical content felt relevant to the worlds current situation. 

‘Light Of Love’ is a cinematically inclined track that reflects on the fast pace of life and feeling like you won’t survive it, but coming to realise that it’s all apart of being human and being present. 

“Well, the feeling was always too much for me. It always came too strong. I wanted to get it right so badly that I always got it wrong” she sings. 

The production is classic Florence + The Machine. It’s dreamy, moody and cinematically simple. It allows a lot of room for visual imagination and allows the storyline and aesthetic to take centre stage. But most importantly it will just bring a little bit of hope and warmth to her fans during this time.

Florence will be donating all proceeds from this single to the Intensive Care Society which provides care and support to doctors, nurses and healthcare professionals on the front line.