SINGLE REVIEW: No Frills Twins – Paper Love

It’s been three years in-between releases for the No Frills Twins, and during this brief hiatus Arna and Vanessa Rogers have been on a self-reflective journey to discover how they wanted to evolve their artistry. 

‘Paper Love’ is a triumphant return that further elaborates their theatrical sound and incorporates a mature and grounded soundscape that represents their personal growth. 

They’ve always been sonically theatrical with a celebrated uniqueness that made them stand out, but what they’ve done with this track is take that uniqueness and turn it into something more polished and euphoric. 

‘Paper Love’ is an anthem that celebrates deep human connection and how the power of love will forever trump any struggles you may have. 

“You can’t put a price tag on feeling and falling into love” they sing during the first line of the chorus before later adding “I can’t help believing it’s more than just a crush, we’re more than paper love” that adds to the pure euphoria this song embodies.

Produced by Xavier Dunn and co-written with Sam Phay, these collaborators help shape the sonical representation of this new era for the No Frills Twins and bring out a commercial sensibility that in the past hasn’t really been highlighted in their music. 

With 80’s nostalgic synths and gritty guitar riffs leading the sonical foundations of this song, it reminds me of an early Marina And The Diamonds song that meets HAIM during the chorus for some big anthemic harmonies. 

It’s an infectious and euphorically driven song that belongs on soundtrack for a coming-of-age Netflix film like ‘To All The Boy’s I’ve Loved Before’ as it embraces that youthful confidence that will have you wanting to blast it on a weekend road trip.