SINGLE REVIEW: Lawson – Lovers

Lawson are a band you may be familiar with, after all they were one of the biggest breakout artists of 2012 thanks to their highly acclaimed debut album ‘Chapman Square’. With tracks like ‘When She Was Mine’, ‘Taking Over Me’ and ‘Standing In The Dark comfortably sitting in the Top 5 UK Singles Charts, it was a track called ‘Learn To Love Again’ from the same album which broke them into the Australian market a year later in 2013.  

From playing sold out headline shows, to playing alongside Taylor Swift, Ed Sheeran, Avril Lavigne and The Wanted, and even supporting Robbie Williams on his huge 2015 Australian Tour, the English pop-rock four piece definitely made their impact.

It has been four years since Lawson have released new music and took a brief hiatus to allow lead singer Andy Brown to pursue a solo country side project. But now they are back and ready to give you a fresh perspective on their growing sound. 

‘Lovers’ is a confident dive into the tropical pop world that has been taking over the charts and mainstream radio while they’ve been missing. But this sound does step away from their pop-rock roots and embraces the synth layering of songs to give the chorus a big drop.

The uplifting track reflects on the youthful outlook of love which is forever hopeful and uplifting. You feel like you can do anything and it’s so contagious, and that’s what they channel in this feel-good number. 

“If we could leave it all behind, tell me where we’d go cause anywhere with you feels right as long as we’re alone” Brown sings during the opening moments of the song which sets the foundations for the loved up storyline. 

I’m really intrigued to hear how Lawson’s future releases cohesively sit alongside ‘Lovers’ as it does set a lot of room for them to experiment and expand. Will they introduce more pop-rock elements like ‘Chapman Square’? Or will they continue to layer up the synths? I guess we will find out soon.