With the release of his impending debut EP ‘NeverASadAdventure’ coming May 15, JXN is perfectly setting up the interstellar aesthetic. 

Following the release of the chilled out alt-pop lead single ‘Outta Space’ with Allday and Fossa Beats, the Melbourne based singer-songwriter is ready to keep those relaxed vibes rolling with a bit more of a heavier RNB fusion. 

‘STELLAR’ is a song that is all about achieving personal goals and finding solace in letting the universe guide you on your own personal journey. 

“We will be alright” he reassures himself during the soothing refrain. 

Using vocoder to provide that echo layering, he’s continually actively experimenting with different production aspects which is an exciting sign of artist development. With a rhythmic beat guiding the production, he continues the laid back elements behind ‘Outta Space’ while also including a bit of the sonical punch that ‘Just Okay’ had.

While those tracks had an instant gravitational force around them, this song does take a few listens to have you fully immersed which is a result of his vocals not being as clear as on previous tracks. The vocoder effect aesthetically suits the production, but you do slightly lose the storytelling element when you use it for the full song.

JXN is an artist that is truly on the rise. With 10 million combined global streams on his previous singles, he’s actively captivating listeners while discovering who he wants to be as an artist which is an exciting thing to watch.