SINGLE REVIEW: Last Dinosaurs – Flying

Fresh off the back of a huge world tour in support of their third studio album ‘Yumeno Garden’, Brisbane indie-rock favourites Last Dinosaurs are ready for the next chapter in their captivating musical journey. 

Boldly stepping into a nu-disco inspired soundscape, ‘Flying’ is a track that finds the perfect balance of playful experimentation while holding onto their indie-rock roots. 

Lead guitarist Lachlan Caskey steps into the spotlight for this track and takes over main vocals duties from his brother Sean Caskey. This isn’t a completely shocking element as Lachlan has taken the reigns for a couple of songs in the past, but as a lead single this is the first.

Reflecting on his coming of age exploration of being a single man, Lachlan describes going out every night in Spain and just getting drunk and experiencing that flirty nu-disco lifestyle. It started off as a coping mechanism for heartbreak but ended up becoming so much more as he started to learn more about himself. 

While he was in that state of self-discovery he started to realise just how much people were on their phones while they were out clubbing and not living completely in the moment. 

“Look me in the eye, girl. Cause you’re always looking at your phone. Tell me it’s a lie, girl. But there’s something that I really want to know” he sings before euphorically proclaiming “we’re flying tonight. Keep your head high”. 

The song has a real nostalgic and euphoric layering to the nu-disco polish that is glistened over their indie-rock attributes. At it’s foundations ‘Flying’ is a classic Last Dinosaurs song but is elevated by the groovy synths that drive that new influence into the song’s bloodline. 

This is a super strong return for the band and marks the start of what could be a really playful experimentation into their artistry.