SINGLE REVIEW: Twenty One Pilots – Level Of Concern

It’s been a little while since we’ve had fresh new music from Twenty One Pilots, so now more than ever seems like a perfect time for the dynamic duo to spread a little hope. Written amidst the immediate effects of the COVID-19 pandemic, ‘Level Of Concern’ is a reflection of how coronavirus has impacted society and the music industry. With the unknown factor of how long or how devastating this pandemic will further make it’s mark on the world, they’ve released their honest inner monologue through song. 

“Cause I told you my level of concern but you walked by like you never heard. And you could bring down my level of concern. Just need you to tell me we’re alright. Tell me we’re okay” Tyler Joseph sings during the chorus. Referencing only quarantine, and the phrase “panic on the brain”, they keep the references to the pandemic and the larger situation at hand at a minimum, and instead just keep it simply about finding hope within each other. 

On the back of their experimental fifth studio album ‘Trench’, they have embraced their experimental genes and have switched up their whole soundscape for this euphoric moment of emotional release. Immersing themselves in a disco inspired sonic, they express this song of hope through funky guitar riffs and soaked synths that drive a nostalgic groove through the heartbeat of the track. While the sonic may be a little Daft Punk inspired, it’s still unapologetically themselves as it’s fully experimental, honest and a whole lot of fun. 

Twenty One Pilots will donate portions of the proceeds from ‘Level Of Concern’ to Crew Nation which is a global relief fund for live music crews that aims to help touring and venue crews affected by the Coronavirus pandemic.