SINGLE REVIEW: Mia Rodriguez – Psycho

Mia Rodriguez is a Sydney newcomer who is ready to make a huge impact. Her dark pop debut single ‘Emotion’ introduced her to listeners with moody sonical undertones and experimental layers that defied the boxes that a lot of new artists restrict themselves to. 

Her new single ‘Psycho’ elaborates on those elements and dives further into the theatrical space that Melanie Martinez has recently soaked herself in, as well as the dark pop attributes of Billie Eilish. 

Fusing these sonical ideas together, she has created something that is unapologetically herself and unique. The aesthetic is dark and brooding but there is a cinematic pop polish glazed over the top that brings this song into the anthemic zone with it’s catchy hook. 

Reflecting on pushing the boundaries, she details the “norms” that she wants to break while being completely unapologetic about it, because at the end of the day she’s just being 100% herself. 

“Part of me wanna do stupid shit. Gotta admit I’m a hypocrite. I like it way better than being on the side of it. I’m a psycho, loving it” she sings during the chorus. 

It’s a really catchy track that is instantly catchy and memorable, and will be one that you’ll want to hit replay over and over again.

Mia Rodriguez is the new pop act that the Australian music scene needs right now, and one that has the potential to also break the international market if she keeps releasing strong moments like this .