With her debut album ‘I’m Doing It’ slated for a July 17 release, E^ST is ready to share another song from this personal record that details dark insecurities, heartbreak and the search for self empowerment. 

Following her previous singles ‘TALK DEEP’, ‘FLIGHT PATH’ and ‘FRESH OUT OF LOVE’, the singer-songwriter dives into another quirky alt-pop soundscape. But this time she injects a groovy offbeat quirk that resonates a touch of a disco fusion. 

‘MAYBE IT’S ME’ is a song all about being a hot mess and struggling with finding any other reason as to why bad things keep happening except for finding a common denominator within yourself. 

“I’ve been looking for the reason why I’m sucking at this. I’ve been pointing fingers, can’t find a winner. I’m getting triggered cause maybe it’s so obvious. Maybe it’s me” she declares. 

Instead of coming across as tactless self-pity, this song has a playful attitude of owning these feelings. And that is elevated by the experimental production that has a very playful fair to it. 

Giving her unique pop perspective through this track, E^ST further prepares the big impact her debut album is set to have.