SINGLE REVIEW: Alesso feat. Liam Payne – Midnight

Liam Payne is the only One Direction member who can’t seem to catch a break with his solo releases. Continually collaborating with other artists to boost his profile, he’s now joined forces with Alesso for another mediocre pop-dance number. 

‘Midnight’ is ultimately forgettable and heavily relies on their “star power” through their name to actually sell the song to listeners. But not even that will sell this song. 

The production is uninspired and sounds like every dance-pop fusion that has graced radio airwaves over the past 12 months. All the attributes are averagely similar with no real innovative elements managing to elevate this song to new heights. 

Starting with a sped up guitar riff, the song adds general pop beats before atmospherically stripping it back for a brief moment in the chorus and then dropping the generic beat breakdown. It’s a structure that has been done over and over again/

“Now I just wanna stay here and fall into midnight. Want nobody else now only you feel right. Time enjoyed wasted is not wasted time. So stay ’til the morning. Stay for a while” Payne sings during the average hook. 

The romantic storyline is there and could’ve been executed in a stronger and more experimental way. But instead Alesso kept to the “safe pop formula” and delivered yet another predictable EDM-pop crossover.