SINGLE REVIEW: Running Touch – Meet Me

Beginning a new chapter in his musical journey, Running Touch is preparing the release of his debut album later this year which contains ten new songs that push the boundaries on what he’s previously mapped out.

From the intricate production to the revealing layers of vulnerability, ‘Meet Me’ is the start of a conceptual deep dive into the colour ‘Carmine’ (a shade of dark red) and everything it can represent.

Telling a short story through a song, this track builds upon a storyline of obsession within a toxic situation. No matter how hard or conflicting the relationship and experience may be, there is an obsessive deep regard that lights a fire in wanting to keep the spark alive.

“Through all your games, all your lies. I ain’t found another high” he confesses during the first verse. As he leads into the chorus he proclaims “You could meet me, just meet me, just meet me somewhere” as he makes it well known that he will do anything.

It’s a really playful concept that is then perfectly represented by the DIY built production that layers all of these cinematic characteristics from the lyrics into the dark but pulsating sonic.

Taking the foundations of the dark and brooding EDM he’s perfected through recent singles ‘Make Your Move’ and ‘My Hands’, he’s captured a strong energy within the chorus that will translate well to his live show.

‘Meet Me’ is the perfect introduction to this next chapter in Running Touch’s musical journey and sets the preface for a bold and defining debut album.