Continuing the jazz inspired and RNB rooted alt-pop sound she’s been releasing as the foundations for her career, DVNA is ready to step it up a notch again with ‘Half Past Sober’. 

The Gold Coast singer, songwriter and producer has been turning heads ever since she debuted on the scene with ‘Girl On The Move’ in 2018. Following her coveted showcases at BIGSOUND in 2019, and winning the triple j unearthed competition to open the main stage at Laneway Festival in Brisbane earlier this year, her presence is rapidly and deservingly growing.

This new single takes those foundations she set with minimalist production and layers an atmospheric approach with a climatic polish. 

Continually growing with different layers being added, the song starts with the simple riffing of an electric guitar while her soulful vocals naturally ooze their way through the storyline. Adding in simple a drum beat, the song then starts to get more complex with atmospheric synths added that lift the song for one final chorus of inner release. 

This song sonically feels like the soundtrack to a warm Sunday morning where the sun is breaking through the clouds from the day before and you’re standing there soaking in the fresh air and calming atmosphere. 

But when you dive deeper you will find out that that song is a lot darker in contrast with it’s dreamy palette. Reflecting on an unrequited love that turned toxic because of the inevitable truth of their feelings, she sings about getting used to the harsh feelings and the trouble it causes along with the alcoholic infused confessions. 

“I’m three mimosas down and it’s going to my head, I’m way past sober now and I’m homesick for your bed. Morning’s creeping closer but I’m getting fucked over by you” she sings during the chorus. But it’s the bridge lyrics that really hit you right in the feelings. “I love the gift you left me on the bedside table baby. Could have been you and me against the world, if it wasn’t meant for another girl”. 

‘Half Past Sober’ is another prime example as to why DVNA is an exciting artist on the rise who is delivering a fresh sonical perspective in the Australian music scene.