SINGLE REVIEW: Orville Peck – Summertime

At the beginning of the year Orville Peck was down under on a whirlwind sold out Australian tour in celebration of his debut album ‘Pony’. 

Playing to ecstatic crowds that couldn’t believe they were watching the growing country superstar play to such intimate rooms, he delivered a show that was incredibly special. 

Forced to re-schedule the rest of his North American dates because of the COVID-19 pandemic, he didn’t want to dwell on the negative too intensely. So while he’s accepted the current situation, he wanted to shed a little light through the release of a new single. 

‘Summertime’ is a song that he’s been playing in his live show for over a year now. It’s a track that celebrates the ideology of hope in moments that don’t feel like they are going to get any better. It’s about moments that are plagued with negative connotations that are sometimes hard to shake, but finding a way to see the light and embrace it whole heartedly. 

Saying goodbye to someone, he sings about the reluctant goodbye that makes him miss them. “You and I bide our time, and I miss summertime” he heartbreakingly sings while using the imagery of the summertime to capture the emotional essence. 

The moody country song embraces the emotional layering of the storytelling and continues the old-school country aesthetic he’s cohesively delivered. His classic baritone vocals are so emotively engaging and lead you into this world that you will become soaked up in.

His sound is so unique within the current musical climate and this song doesn’t sound like anything else that is being released at the moment which has become quite rare.