SINGLE REVIEW: Lindsay Lohan – Back To Me

2020 is shaping up to be the year of musical comebacks and joining that list is none other than Lindsay Lohan. 

It’s been twelve years in-between releases for the singer-songwriter who has been in and out of the spotlight while starring in independent movies, guest roles on big shows like Glee and 2 Broke Girls, a stint on West End in a theatre production, opening a resort, as well as being a judge on the Australian edition of The Masked Singer.

She started to tease her musical comeback in mid 2019 with a track called ‘Xanax’ which had snippets making the rounds across social media. But the song that’s made the comeback official is a late 2000’s inspired ‘Back To Me’. 

Filled with pop nostalgia, this song feels like a fresh perspective on the late 2000’s pop trends with a slick synth-pop delivery and club ready beats.

Co-written by Finnish hitmaker ALMA, the track is a lyrical rediscovery and acceptance of oneself. It feels like an honest reflection on the journey of self-love and self-acceptance after feeling continually brought down by other people’s opinions. 

“Now I’m coming back to me” she proclaims during the euphoric hook. She dives a little deeper into the journey during the verses with reflections on the way she used to act. “When life gets harder and the mind gets darker. Remind myself, never too late. Cause I know that I cut it too deep. And I know that I wanted to leave. So easily, we just walk away” she honestly sings. 

The production feels so nostalgic and fresh at the same time. It starts with a tropical pop beat that simmers throughout the verse and once it gets to the pre-chorus she introduces a reverb breakdown. She then launches into a big club ready tropical hook that is fun, euphoric and liberating. 

Stepping away from her sonical pop-rock roots, this song is truly the best comeback for her. It follows in the footsteps of The Pussycat Dolls who also didn’t try to do what all the current pop artists are doing and instead delivered a strong and nostalgic pop track. 

It’s fun, fresh and infectiously catchy. Welcome back Lindsay!