SINGLE REVIEW: Kygo feat. Sasha Sloan – I’ll Wait

Kygo is preparing the release of his third studio album ‘Golden Hour’ which promises more euphoric EDM-pop crossovers with emotional storylines and a whole lot of heart. 

Following the release of his Zara Larsson and Tyga collaboration ‘Like It Is’ last week, he’s quickly dropped a new single with Sasha Sloan that continues the EDM-pop crossover he’s previously done with an increased country influence.

‘I’ll Wait’ is a heartfelt track that hears Sloan reminiscing on memories with an old flame. While time may have occurred and their geographical distance may have changed, the strong feelings don’t fade and that’s what she reflects on. 

“I’ll never forget the songs we used to play and when I put them on the feeling never fades out my body. I hope you’re thinking of me” she sings during the opening moments of the song before confessing that she will wait for them to be ready to give it another go. 

It’s a song full of emotional memories that holds onto a sense of hope that a story doesn’t always have a permanent ending. Sometimes it’s just a pause in the journey. 

This isn’t the first time the two artists have collaborated as they first joined forces in 2017 on Kygo’s ‘Stargazing’ EP with the track ‘This Time’. 

Sonically this song is a lot stronger than their first creative exploration and hears Sloan’s vocals becoming more prominent in their own dreamy way. 

While the song starts off sonically strong with it’s complimenting moody production, Kygo ends up returning to the standard beat breakdown that has been done 1000 times over. It doesn’t feel original and lacks a unique spark which is devastating in it’s own way. 

This song deserved a bigger production to showcase their songwriting and Sloan’s unique vocals. And while it showed promise during the first verse, the delivery during the chorus really let this song down. 

Instead of going towards the typical country-dance crossover sound, they should’ve polished up the pop shine and integrated it with a real country twist that would’ve given some Shania Twain throwback nostalgia. Instead the song just sounds like a classic Kygo track, which isn’t a bad thing, but it could’ve been a lot more.