SINGLE REVIEW: Isaac Dunbar – Comme Des Garçons (Like The Boys)

In a bid to be more transparent and authentic with who he is as a person, Isaac Dunbar is taking a stand against masculine stereotypes through a disco influenced and synth layered pop banger. 

‘comme des garcons (like the boys) is taken from the seventeen year old singer-songwriter’s forthcoming sophomore EP ‘isaacs insects’ which is due to be released on April 9. 

Following the confident singles ‘makeup drawer’, ‘scorton’s creek’ and the EP’s title track ‘isaac’s insects’, he’s set a strong foundation where he’s been able to speak his truth, break down gender norms and reveal a very vulnerable side of himself to listeners. 

This new track takes another bold step in that journey and hears him opening up about the gender stereotypes he’s been accustomed to try live up to, but realising that he didn’t want to do that. He didn’t want to be just one of the boys, he just wanted to be authentically himself. And that is what this song explores. 

Using the french translation of “like the boys”, he effortlessly weaves the phrase “comme de garcons” into the song with a strong pop sensibility. 

“I don’t wanna be the same. I don’t wanna be like you. I don’t wanna be comme des garçons” he confidently sings during the pulsating hook. But he dives a little deeper into the themes of trying to be what everyone else wants him to be during the verses. “I could shut myself up, be a man. Oh, A man who’s scared to make a sound. Who goes to heaven with a frown”. 

The immaculate pop production hears him intertwining 80’s pop references with a modern day polish. It’s fresh, infectious and super engaging from start to finish. The instant groove that is pushed through the pulsating hook explodes with pure heart and personality. 

This is one of his strongest releases yet and is one that will champion his forthcoming EP into the commercial world where his songs deserve to be on heavy rotation.