SINGLE REVIEW: Alex The Astronaut – Split The Sky

It’s never been a more appropriate time to receive a warm new Alex The Astronaut song in our lives. 

‘Split The Sky’ compliments the genuine confusion that has overtaken our lives and portrays a message of hope within it’s reflective lyrics that encourages listeners to rise up and remember the positive and fearless moments. But it also encourages us to remember our innocent youth and to embrace that we will always have that time in our life. 

“If I sit here and watch Harry Potter, will I be alright?” she earnestly questions during the first verse as she details the unknowing factors we are all currently pondering. But as she moves into the chorus she finds an hopeful sentiment of not wanting to give up, or give into, the repressed feelings that are taking over within the given situation. 

“I’ve been hoping I have what it takes to keep rolling cause I won’t stay under water. I will walk outside, I’ll split the sky, I’ll be alright” she euphorically sings. 

Sonically the song begins like a classic Alex The Astronaut song with an acoustic guitar and angelic harmonies that add a euphoric layer to the all-round feel. But as the song continually grows she adds in drums and an electric guitar which takes the sonic up another level into the anthemic zone. 

At her core she is a storyteller and this song compliments that side of her artistry so beautifully. It’s a song that everyone can relate to right now in one way or another, and once we are allowed to unite through live music again it’s going to become an anthem in her live show.