Revealing another chapter in her musical story, XIRA proves that she is an underrated pop newcomer that has a lot of heart behind her bold exterior. 

‘Tip Toe’ is a playful song of heartbreak and misguided feelings that will instantly resonate with anyone that has been in an unrequited love situation. It tells the story of putting all your love and affection into someone that just won’t, or can’t, give it back to you. And no matter how hard you try, you keep getting let down. 

This may be about the boy or girl in your life who you keep trying to win over, or in XIRA’s case, it’s about her cat Muffin who won’t reciprocate her love. 

“You’re supposed to love me, why do I feel like I’m in the way? You say nothing’s changed but no it ain’t, this thing don’t feel the same” she questions during the pulsating hook before pleading “you’re supposed to love me, why don’t you love me?”. 

Exuding a bold confidence within the sonical features, this track takes the alt-pop foundations of her previous singles ‘Sleep Talker’ and the indie-pop shine of ‘Not A Tomboy’, and builds something even bolder. 

Produced by Xavier Dunn, the song begins with dark and moody atmospheric synths that ooze through the verses with a static aesthetic. But as soon the chorus hits, the production explodes with personality through pulsating synths that inhabit a natural groove.

It’s such a bold and embracive release of emotions that adds to the playful but emotional nature of the song. While lyrically she may be losing control of her feelings, she takes control through the vivid delivery. 

This is the strongest we’ve heard XIRA yet, and that’s really exciting. There is still a lot of room for the Sydney singer-songwriter to grow but I think she’s found her sound and her voice, and she’s ready to keep evolving. 

Tip Toe

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