EP REVIEW: Yorke – Liberosis

Over the past year and a half, Yorke has been introducing herself to listeners through a string of emotionally charged and honest songs that have hinted towards the full circle imagery she has envisioned.

Her debut EP ‘Liberosis’ hears her cohesively closing the chapter on her introduction and highlights her self reflective journey that has made this collection of tracks so personal, honest and wholesomely beautiful. 

It’s a moment in time reflection that details her coming of age story as she experiences first loves, first heartbreaks and ponders a profound understanding of the world.

Opening with the theatrical ‘Promise’, she immediately showcases a bold side of her artistry that listeners have slightly heard before on the anthemic singles ‘Wake The City’, ‘Treading Water’ and ’Thought I Could’. The moody cinematic gradients take this song to a even bolder and more experimental sonic than she’s explored before and it’s the perfect opening to an EP and live show. 

Her debut single ‘First Light’ appropriately finds a home on this EP and in amongst all this new material it still stands strong on it’s own as a pure highlight in her discography. 

The triumphant indie-pop track serves raw emotion and a whole lot of heart. The steady drum beat leads this song to an empowering and therapeutic release of repressed emotions. She explores the tough aftermath of a break up where you’re trying to pick up the pieces and find yourself again in amongst mixed emotions. And with it’s empowering sonic it becomes the perfect road trip soundtrack. 

‘Nights We Waste’ follows its lead and perfectly delivers the Lorde and Taylor Swift esq euphoric indie-pop sonic. Out of the three new songs on this EP, this is definitely the most commercially friendly and deserves to find a place on the radio airwaves. 

But the song that stands out the most aesthetically is the closing track ‘Don’t Let The Lights Go Out’. The vulnerable indie-pop song hears her teaming up with LANKS for an honest homage to holding on to a dimming flame. 

“I think I’ve finally got you figured out. Three years on since this spark we found. Grown together through this burning doubt. Don’t let the lights go out” she sings during the smooth hook. 

There is such a rawness to her vocal delivery and the lyrics that finds a sweet juxtaposition with the uplifting indie-pop production that explodes like a classic Lorde track. 

From start to finish ‘Liberosis’ takes you on a explorative journey of who Yorke is as an artist and as a musician. After listening you will feel like you’ve gotten to know her on a deep and personal level, which is always a great result from a debut collection.