SINGLE REVIEW: Cub Sport – Drive

Following the devastating news that they’ve canceled their upcoming intimate shows and pushed back the release of their fourth studio album ‘Like Nirvana’ until July 24 because of the COVID-19 pandemic, Cub Sport have decided to share a little light in this dark time with a brand new single. 

‘Drive’ is a lush track that hears the Brisbane four-piece further experimenting with their sound and giving something that is ultimately different to anything they’ve released before. 

Stripping things back to a shear dreamy pop foundation, this song delivers a simple acoustic guitar arrangement with atmospheric synths, while keyboardist and guitarist Zoe Davis and lead vocalist Tim Nelson harmonise through the chorus. 

The straight up love song hears them confessing that they can’t believe how lucky they are to have found the love of their lives. It’s such a beautifully tender moment of reflection that will make you feel so giddy, even if you aren’t personally in love at the moment. 

“And I still can’t believe you give a damn about me. And I’m driving in our car. I am looking over and you’re looking at me” they sing during the chorus. 

Adding in simple percussion, the song remains in the simplistic realm and allows the romantic storyline to take centre stage. 

There is a shimmery feeling to the lush simplicity of the production that feels like velvet. It’s smooth but still has a theatrical and cinematic feel to it. 

This forthcoming album is already proving to be Cub Sport’s boldest release yet. Putting aside everything that you already know about them, they’ve endeavoured to create music that feels genuine, honest and represents the moment in time without preconceived expectations. 

‘Confessions’ was beautifully in your face with it’s honest lyrics that felt like Nelson’s soul unravelling confidentially to the listener. And while ‘Confessions’ or ‘Drive’ may not be as commercially friendly as previous releases, they feel genuinely authentic and special, and that’s all that matters. 

‘Drive’ is a soundtrack to a personal moment in time, and it’s one that is going to beautifully adapt into other people’s life in it’s own way.