SINGLE REVIEW: Maisie Peters – Daydreams

Continuing on from the release of her second EP ‘It’s Your Bed Babe, It’s Your Funeral’ late last year, Maisie Peters has returned with an emotionally charged new single. 

‘Daydreams’ is the first new material from the UK rising star this year except for ‘Smile’ which was featured on the Birds Of Prey Soundtrack. The tender ballad hears Peters addressing her insecurities and embracing her inner vulnerability in a even more honest way. 

Reflecting on the romantic feelings and constant fantasises you may have towards someone, it just sometimes doesn’t work out in your favour. At the end of the day it all boils down to the chemistry and sometimes it just isn’t there, and deep down you know that. And sometimes they are just not into you, and that’s super melodramatic but super relatable. And that’s the situation she explores on this beautiful poignant track. 

“I can dress it up pretty. I can blame it on cities. But he doesn’t want me” she sings during the pre-chorus as she explains all of the excuses she could give for why it didn’t work out.

As she rolls into the chorus she breaks it all down vulnerably and gives an honest chorus of pure emotional release. “When it comes to it, really the truth is, he doesn’t want me. And I know that I could pretend, but it’s one down, and it’s back to daydreams again”

Keeping the production at a bare minimum with just piano and acoustic guitar, she lets this candid reflection take you on a beautiful raw journey. 

It’s classic Maisie Peters and steps away from the bold pop production her last EP and ‘Smile’ incorporated and takes it all back to her raw beginnings. And in amongst all the craziness that is happening in the world, this is a breath of fresh air.