SINGLE REVIEW: Julia Lostrom – Walls

Following the release of her debut single ‘To You From Me’ last year, Julia Lostrom has slightly stepped away from the dreamy RNB-pop sound for her new single as she finds her voice as an artist. 

The Melbourne singer-songwriter has returned with the polished ‘Walls’ that hears her acquainting listeners with her dreamy indie-pop sound while experimenting with DIY production that elevates the delivery. 

Reflecting on the challenges of meeting someone and feeling an instant connection. but struggling to go any deeper with them as they refuse to let their barriers down, this song really is a modern day love song. 

“Why you hesitating?” she asks as she launches into the chorus and declares the sort of love they could have if they just open up to her. “You can be my veins, rushing through me. I can be your air, breathe me in deep. You can have my soul, have it all. You just gotta tear down your wall”. 

The polished indie-pop gradient hears her oozing through the first verse before introducing the pulsating synth production during the chorus which adds that DIY feel. It also organically adds that RNB element that her debut single heavily relied on, but highlights it in a different way.

But then she throws a curveball before the final chorus as she incorporates a gospel tinged breakdown and then explores a moodier gradient in the indie-pop production for the outro. 

It’s a little unpredictable and that’s what you want from discovering a new artist. You don’t want to instantly know what they’re going to deliver or where a song could sonically go. You want to be continually surprised and intrigued, and Julia Lostrom has successfully done that with ‘Walls’.