SINGLE REVIEW: Hailee Steinfeld – I Love You’s

With the first part of her new two-part project coming on May 1, Hailee Steinfeld has revealed her new single ‘I Love You’s’ that hears her delivering more clean pop into the world. 

It isn’t a groundbreaking pop track by any-means and in between some of the strong cohesive material out this week by Dua Lipa and 5 Seconds Of Summer, it gets lost. But the premise is there within it’s romantic heart. 

The hopeful pop track also pays as an homage to Annie Lenox’s classic single ‘No More I Love You’s’ which she boldly re-works into the hook. The classic “Doo-bee-doo-bee-doo-doo-doo, ah’s” coo during the intro which makes you immediately pay attention and question where she’s going with this directionally. 

Telling her own original story through the rest of the song, she just incorporates that sample during the hook which actually ends up taking away from it’s own uniqueness as the chorus should always be uber original as that’s what people are going to remember most from the song. 

Choosing to put herself first when it comes to love, Steinfeld reflects on needing to take a break from dating to focus on the love she has for herself. 

“Diamonds won’t fool me cause I’m too far gone. Wish I could get back the air in my lungs. I’ve been so fucked up it’s bad for my heart, my heart” she vulnerably sings during the bubblegum hook  which is then followed by the beautiful line; “No more I Love You’s, until I’m okay” 

The lyrics are honest and real, and when stripped back this is the strongest thing about the song. I wish this track followed the same minimalist structure to her last single ‘Wrong Direction’ because it would’ve made a whole different impact. The bubblegum-pop delivery and the ‘No More I Love You’s’ sample just didn’t seem to fit and took away from the beautiful sentiment of the song.