ALBUM REVIEW: The Kite String Tangle – C()D3X

Fresh from winning two Queensland Music Awards, The Kite String Tangle has finally released his third studio album ‘C()D3X’ into the world. This brooding collection of moody electronic songs hears him exploring the darker experimentation that his recent singles ‘P()L4R’, ‘NORTH’ and ‘Killing Time’ explored. 

The cohesive record is only eleven songs long and takes the foundations he set with these previous singles and allows the listeners to dive deeper into his sonical palette. It’s an emotional collection of tracks that opens up his vulnerability which one would assume was inspired by his stripped back record ‘In A Desperate Moment’. 

There’s a lot of melancholic layers to the lyrics that is then contrasted with the moody production that hears him adding a more fulfilled rhythmic touch without losing his cinematic soundscape. 

The singles are a perfect representation of this and are commercially the strongest moments on the record closely followed by the Kateboy collaboration ‘Landslide’ which is a beautifully vulnerable moment. 

“This is what it feels like, falling in a landslide” they harmoniously describe before stating “wake me when it’s over” during the brooding hook. 

‘I.S.T.A.U’ featuring Lanks is another song that will immediately get people talking with it’s breakdown of the acronym during the hook that reveals “I still think about you”. 

The album also has some instrumentally focused tracks like ‘C()D3X’, ‘NINON DE L’ENCLOS’, ‘1618’ and ‘Ghost Noise’ which provide those atmospheric moments of pure release. They break up the album and offer an interesting contrast to the moody elements behind this record. 

From start to finish this record is very cohesive and takes you on a reflective journey behind the artistry of The Kite String Tangle. It continues what he’s always strived out to do sonically but just takes it to a slightly darker tone aesthetically.

You can purchase a physical copy of ‘C()D3X’ from Sanity HERE;