ALBUM REVIEW: Adam Lambert – Velvet

It’s been five years between albums for Adam Lambert, but this time has been incredibly important for the singer-songwriter as he dived into authentically re-finding his glam-rock roots. 

Gracing arenas and stadiums across the world with Queen, he’s been performing for audiences that love genuine glam rock with a soulful heart, and in doing this it re-ignited that love for himself personally. 

Taking to the studio, he stripped everything back that he knew about the pop world and just focused on building an array of groovy moments packed with a lot of slinky guitars, pulsating drum beats and oozing retro synths. From that, ‘Velvet’ was born. 

Opening the thirteen track record with the infectious title track, he offers you a bold glam-rock moment that should’ve been a single. 

Comparing his undeniable immediate connection with someone to the feeling of velvet, he uses the  immediate soothing consistency of the material to the way his connection with someone made him so sure that something felt right. 

“Just like velvet. And I knew, and I knew it was cool the first time I felt it. I got that feeling tonight. Be my velvet. Cause I can’t get enough of your touch. I’m crushing. I got that feeling. I got that feeling tonight” he sings during the bright hook that will have you immediately wanting to dance and singalong. 

Flowing into ‘Superpower’ he boldly embraces the 60’s and 70’s flavour of his recent aesthetic and adds a lot of groovy production to give you a song that continually grows on you. 

The vocal delivery and pure attitude reminds me a lot of his debut album ‘For Your Entertainment’ which is a strong comparison for the entirety of the record as it really returns to that initial self-discovery. 

‘Stranger You Are’, ‘Loverboy’, ‘Roses’, ‘Overglow’ and ‘Comin In Hot’ continue that sophisticated groove and give you shiny moments that would come to life in his live show. But ‘Love Don’t is an anthemic little moment that stands out even more than others because of his powerful vocals during the hook and it’s uplifting production. 

Reflecting on his tough journey with love, he explains how he won’t give up on finding that happily ever after in his story. “Cause love don’t, love don’t love me. But I don’t wanna give it up” he sings during the soaring hook. 

The album also offers some more stripped back rock moments like ‘Ready To Run’, ‘Closer To You’, ‘New Eyes’ and the soulful pop delivery of ‘Feel Something’ that shine a contrasting light on the overall mood of the record.

From start to finish, Adam Lambert will transport you on a sonical journey of self-exploration through glam-rock and soulful deliveries. This record feels like the older sibling of ‘For Your Entertainment’ as it takes what he learnt from that experience and brings it into a whole new light. It’s an engaging record with a big heart and a lot of very interesting sonics that does feel very cohesive.