SINGLE REVIEW: Reece Mastin – The River

Sometimes life can take you on a weird journey of ups and downs and you can feel like you’ve got nothing left, but it’s up to you to how you navigate the next step. And that’s what happened to Reece Mastin as he sat at the bar drowning his sorrows and questioning his previous decisions before he realised that he had a choice in the direction he wanted his career to have.

From that moment of realisation his new single ‘The River’ was born. Starting a fresh chapter that follows on from his independent exploration in 2018, he re-finds his rock roots and steps away from the pop mould that his time on X Factor Australia tried to shape him into.

Through this delivery he sounds more confident and more content with the lyrics and stories he’s singing. Baring his vulnerability, the song begins as a raw ballad that floats in-between blues and country influences. The live recording of the production holds that honest essence that has listeners hooked from the opening verse and chorus. But as the song continues to build, he heads into classic Australian rock territory with big guitars and drums. 

“Clear my head, another one down. With the day I’ve had, I may as well throw em down. Oh the drinking, it makes me feel better, as long as I still see the moon” he confesses during the opening moments of the song as he reflects on the current state of his life. 

Embracing the helplessness he was feeling, he states that he wants to keep drinking to numb the pain even though he knows it’s not good for him. “Pour me another round. Drown all my sins in the river. Sell me more for the road. I’m gonna go cry by the river”

The song inhabits this bold and honest feeling to it, and it’s a brilliant re-introduction to the man that Reece Mastin has become and the artist he wants to be.