SINGLE REVIEW: Hartley – Bittersweet

Following the release of her debut self-titled EP at the start of the year, Hartley is ready to start a new chapter in her musical journey. 

The Brisbane singer-songwriter and producer has teamed up with Ninajirachi for a dreamy pop moment that boldly steers her sound into a even more polished realm.

‘Bittersweet’ is a fresh track that hears her taking a huge step in the refining stage of her self-discovery. Sonically it feels quite bold and feels like the mature older sister to her previous releases, which in comparison are a lot more darker toned. The production on this track is definitely brighter and cites influences from a lighter synth palette. 

Reflecting on the classic motion of wanting something that you know isn’t good for you, she explores what happens when you ignore the signs and face all the bittersweet feelings that continue to bottle up. It’s a little tumultuous, but it’s something that a lot of us have put ourselves through. 

“I try, I try, I try to find the end to our game. But I can’t forget how it tastes, cause It’s bittersweet” she sings as she launches into a playful hook full of synths and DIY production that also holds a bit of a carefree spin to it. 

The whole feel of the song feels lighter, as she experiments with her sound and finds her voice as your new fave upcoming alt-pop artist.