SINGLE REVIEW: Ball Park Music – Spark Up!

It’s been two years between releases for Ball Park Music and some may argue that right now isn’t the right time to launch a new chapter in your career while in the middle of a worldwide pandemic, but I don’t think there has been more of a perfect time for them to release this new song. 

‘Spark Up!’ is an anthemic track with big drums and strong guitar riffs that takes the listener on a journey of wanting to be anywhere but here. It’s about being unhappy with the state of the world or within your own personal situation that you want a clean slate and a fresh beginning.

“Spark up, spark up. Life is short. Spark up, spark up” the Brisbane five piece proclaim during the infectiously moody hook, as they bring the production down to this slightly brooding and serious tone that still sits in the anthemic sphere.

While proclaiming that they want a fresh start, lead singer Sam McCormack also explains during the verses that they’ve tried to do everything that society has told them would make them feel better and fulfilled. But it hasn’t worked. “I bought a house, bought a car, bought a pair of jeans. Bought a surfboard, bought breakfast, bought beyond my means. I bought the items that you told me would enrich me, but it shits me. I feel exactly the same”. 

There really hasn’t been a more perfect time to release this song than right now as everyone can relate to wanting a fresh start while self-isolating, losing work, losing planned trips and losing money through this situation which is completely out of our hands. 

It’s a pretty gloomy time in general but this song radiates a little sunshine with it’s quintessential Ball Park Music sound and big heart. And it’s just a damn catchy track. 

Their sixth studio album ‘Mostly Sunny’ is scheduled to be released sometime in 2020, so prepare for more anthemic tracks like this very soon.