SINGLE REVIEW: Sycco – Nicotine

Over the past couple of months, Sycco has been quickly building quite the name for herself with her breakthrough offerings ‘Peacemaker’, ‘Starboard Square’ and ‘Tamed Grief’. 

The Brisbane singer-songwriter kicked off 2020 by performing to a huge crowd at Laneway Festival in her hometown before heading to Sydney to open for Vera Blue at the University Of New South Wales. 

Amid of the COVID-19 pandemic, she has decided to bring a little joy and chilled out vibes to your airwaves with a breezy new single. 

‘Nicotine’ continues the bold alternative-pop trajectory of Sycco as she takes control of her growing artistry and keeps surprising listeners with her strong dreamy hooks. 

Complimenting the dreamy production and groovy guitar riffs that lead the verses and chorus, she reflects on the way that someone can make her feel amid the chaos that happens within your own head. Referring to them as her own taste of nicotine, she explains how they can calm her so easily and simultaneously give her that rush. 

“Haven’t felt with this way in a while. Sun is up my heads in the clouds. I’m so obsessed with you. You’re my nicotine” she proclaims during the groovy little hook. 

Following on from the synth and disco experimentation of ‘Peacemaker’, this song is a lot more stripped back and sits in the alt-pop realm of BENEE and Clairo. 

It’s an easy listening song that isn’t dismissible and instead pulsates through your body like your own taste of nicotine.