SINGLE REVIEW: Rita Ora – How To Be Lonely

It’s been a little while since we’ve had new solo music from Rita Ora and after a hugely successful world tour for her acclaimed sophomore record ‘Phoenix’, the British singer-songwriter is ready to give you the start of a new chapter. 

‘How To Be Lonely’ is a catchy pop track that is a little simple at it’s core but brings a strong sonical union of harmonies and instrumentation. They’ve crafted together a production that feels uplifting and joyous while Ora comes to terms with self-love and being on her own instead of relying on someone’s company to make her feel better. 

However I expected a lot more from this song lyrically as Lewis Capaldi was one of the main writers, but this song shy’s away from the crux of loneliness and struggles to capture the real emotion of helplessness before the euphoric overcoming. 

With lyrics like “Will no one ever show me how to be lonely? End up on my own almost every night”  driving the chorus, you are left with a lot of question marks above your head as you try to make sense of the overall message. 

But what really ties it all together is the strong production and Ora’s signature pop vocals that add that soothing sonical layer.

It isn’t a groundbreaking pop song, but it is an enjoyable pop moment that will be a great addition to commercial radio during a time of such uncertainty.