SINGLE REVIEW: Lastlings – Take My Hand

Diving back into the moody electronic-pop gradients that their previous singles have established, Lastlings have provided a strong canvas for this new envisioned journey after signing with Liberation Records. 

The emotional layering of ‘Take My Hand’ is moody and beautiful as they layer brooding instrumentation that takes this heartfelt song to new sonical heights while holding onto their signature aesthetic. 

Lyrically the Gold Coast duo perfectly compliment the apocalyptic current state of the world as they reflect on not wanting to let go of someone even though they know it’s for the best. Even though their connection might be electric, sometimes that’s just not enough to keep the flame ignite through the toughest times. 

With the COVID-19 pandemic sweeping the world, it’s making people re-think who they would want to spend the end of the world with in the most dramatic way, and this song is the perfect soundtrack to that and may even help bring some pandemic babies into the world with it’s passionate fuelled emotion. 

“Take my hand tonight before the night starts to unwind. The world will wake us up inside. The world will make us come alive” lead singer Amy Dowdle sings during the chorus before confessing “Cause I’m not ready to let you go. You’ve got me losing control” in the hooks final moments. 

The brooding electronic production is reminiscent of the material that Rufus Du Sol have recently been releasing with the atmospheric tone taking centre stage. It’s helped create a song that is captivating, heartfelt and memorable while staying true to their artistic journey.