After JoJo’s triumphant return in 2016 with her critically acclaimed record ‘Mad Love’, she’s ready to get the whole world talking with the start of a new chapter. 

Her fourth studio album ‘Good To Know’ will be released on May 1 and from her un-subtle lyrical posts on social media, this record will hear her opening up to listeners in a even more candid approach. 

The lead single ‘Man’ is a rhythmically charged RNB song that immediately captivates listeners with a seductive pop polish over the groovy hook. 

Reflecting on her self-love journey, she explains how she’s come to respect herself on a deeper level and after taking some time to focus on herself she’s ready to open herself up to love again. But, she has her precautions, and she wants the world to know that she wants a man, not a boy.

“So if I’m gonna love someone, well, damn, I’m gonna need a fucking man” she proclaims during the sexy chorus before getting a little playful with her imagery with statements like “Someone who want me like a fan” and “He ride for me like he a stan”, which are brilliant. But at the end of it, she wants this message to be the biggest takeaway; “I need somebody who can love me like I love me. Love me like I can”.

From the very first listen, this song will captivate you with it’s empowering sentiment, her seductive and confident delivery and it’s all round rhythmic groove. 

‘Man’ is a strong return for JoJo, and it’s one that is going to get you even more excited to hear what ‘Good To Know’ has in-store for listeners.