SINGLE REVIEW: Ellie Goulding feat. Blackbear – Worry About Me

Ellie Goulding is preparing the release of her fourth studio album which will finally be released on June 5, but in the meantime she wants to have some more fun as she further experiments with her sound and influences.

Following on from her Juice WRLD collaboration ‘Hate Me’ last year, the British singer-songwriter has teamed up with Blackbear for a new electronic pop meets hip-hop track. 

Sonically ‘Worry About Me’ moves further away from Goulding’s traditional indie-pop sound and hears her getting bolder with her experimentation. The electronic infused hip-hop beat is quite heavy and drives this very prominent energy throughout the duration of the track. It stays at one tone and doesn’t really adapt or grow which keeps the element of surprise at bay. 

Lyrically this song reflects on the art of moving on and not wanting to give up on something reluctantly. But sometimes you do just need to move on and start fresh. 

“Baby, you don’t gotta, you don’t gotta worry, worry ’bout me. Lately, I don’t think, I don’t think about you, feelin’ so free” she reassures her old love interest during the catchy hook as she breaks free from trying to get back with them. 

Blackbear brings his unique hip-hop flair to the track but with him only coming in during the final minute of the track I wish they had a bit more time to add some call and response moments as their brief harmonies were interesting. 

Urging to fans that this is not a direct representation of how her new album sounds or feels, she reassures them that this is just another result of experimentation and creativity. And to be honest with you, while I’m enjoying this fun side of her I am excited to hear her open her heart and soul again and captivate listeners through her pure vulnerability.