SINGLE REVIEW: Fletcher – Forever

Over the past year Fletcher has been unravelling her soul through vulnerable moments like ‘Undrunk’, ‘All Love’, ‘About You’ and ‘If You’re Gonna Lie’ that have allowed listeners to immediately get to know her. While opening her heart in a bold way, she has simultaneously started building an incredibly strong repertoire of catchy and honest pop songs. 

On her new single ‘Forever’, Fletcher proves why she is no longer the future pop star you need in your life, and why she is THE pop star you need in your life right now. 

Exploring the concept of self-love and making sure she loves herself before she tries to love someone else, she uses the playful concept of what happens when you meet “the one” when you’ve still got a self-love discovery to go through personally. Taking a stand and putting herself first, she puts the love interest to the side for the moment, with full intention of going back and loving them forever.

“Think I could love you forever and ever and ever and ever. But don’t think we should be together, together, together, right now” she proclaims during the pulsating hook. 

Taking this playful concept and elevating it to the next level, the production is rhythmically in-touch with all the current pop trends but also simultaneously feels fresh. 

The tropical pop approach begins with a slick guitar loop, atmospheric synths and vocal harmonies before the chorus introduces a pulsating synth that drives this fresh energy into the song. 

The hard hitting pulsating nature of the chorus helps makes this song so memorable as it just takes such a big directional shift and will leave listeners gagged that they will immediately press replay as soon as it finishes. 

It’s such a bold pop moment for Fletcher that really cements her status as an artist you need to get to know ASAP. And don’t even get me started on THAT music video, because damn, she killed it.