SINGLE REVIEW: Darling Brando – Beat Up Guitar

There is a new pop super-group ready to take on global domination, and it’s time that you get to know them. 

Darling Brando are a dynamic three piece hailing from Sydney that have the real potential to fill the current gap in the boyband market. But these boys are more than just a boyband. They are a pop-super group in their own right with each member having previously been in the spotlight through social media or competed in a reality TV show. Together Tom Jay Williams, Alex Mather and Vlado Saric are the exciting group who have been patiently waiting in the wings for their moment. 

Creating an unprecedented online traction through their social media status and by posting collective covers, they’ve built the foundations of a strong fanbase with over 12,000 Instagram followers before they’ve even released a song. 

The trio are officially introducing themselves to the world with their debut single ‘Beat Up Guitar’ which hears them stepping away from the covers they’ve been posting on YouTube and social platforms, and highlights the pop sound they want to head toward for their original music. 

Opening with a country-pop influence, they croon through the opening verse that is lead by an acoustic guitar and smooth harmonies before switching it up for the chorus. Incorporating a big pop hook that is similar to early 5 Seconds Of Summer they harmoniously sing together and instantly give that big anthemic feeling. 

It’s a song that is all about knowing that someone isn’t right for you but still putting yourself through it because of the strong connection and spark you share with them. 

“It’s messed up” they yell during the opening moments of the hook before admitting; “We know how to take it too far. I know, you know, we know how to break our two hearts”.

When you add all of the elements together, this song sounds like a big pop moment you would expect from Hot Chelle Rae. It’s fun, catchy and has an emotional sentiment tied to the lyrics. 

It’s a very strong introduction to who Darling Brando are as a group, and they’re only getting started.