LIVE REVIEW: Laura Marling – The Outpost 

Laura Marling is a prolific British singer-songwriter who has had a career spanning across 13 years and has entered the hearts of fans worldwide with her emotionally charged albums and vulnerable confessions. 

So when Secret Sounds announced that Marling would be returning to Australia for an intimate solo and acoustic tour, it didn’t come as much of a surprise when all four shows sold out immediately. 

Fittingly finding a little home at Brisbane’s brand new intimate venue The Outpost, the hideaway bar upstairs at Fortitude Music Hall felt like the perfect location to host such a unique and special show. 

Walking on stage to cheers of excitement, Marling dived straight into a four song medley of ‘Take The Night Off’, ‘I Was An Eagle’, ‘You Know’ and ‘Breathe’. Taking a moment to finally address the crowd, she laughed as she confessed how self indulgent the opener was. “Hello Brisbane, I’m Laura Marling. Thank you for putting up with me through a ten minute opener song”. 

Due to the intimate and completely stripped back nature of the show, the room was dead silent throughout the whole set and any slight movement, talking or coughing was made aware by everyone in the crowd. This created a bit of an awkwardness within the audience but Marling tried to break down those barriers by her honest little anecdotes in-between songs and even confessing that Brisbane was the politest crowd she’s had. But that obviously changed after that comment because everyone then tried to yell out to get her attention. 

Songs like ‘Master Hunter’, ‘How Can I’, ‘Daisy’, ‘What He Wrote’, ‘Wild Fire’, ‘The Valley’ and ‘Tap At My Window’ followed as she dived deeper into her discography. She even included a cover of Paul Simon’s ‘Kathy’s Song’ for good measure. 

The setlist was a perfect blend of fan favourites, rarities and new tracks as she really focused on delivering a set that was very much for the fans.

Rounding out the 80 minute show with ‘Goodbye England’, ‘Once’, ‘Salinas’, ‘Held Down’ and the iconic ‘Rumbling Man’, she really did make sure that she included something for everyone within her set. 

It was a very beautiful, intimate and simple show that highlighted her raw and powerful talent, as well as why she has had such an impressive career to date. 

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Photos by Tam Schilling 

Laura Marling Australian Tour

Thursday 12 March – Meat Market, Melbourne *SOLD OUT*