ALBUM REVIEW: Rufus Du Sol – Live From Joshua Tree

Over the past couple of years Rufus Du Sol have continued to impress while they’ve evolved their artistry, adapted to the growing market and progressively pushed the boundaries of EDM. 

With the growth of a very strong global fanbase, the Sydney trio have had the privilege of touring the world, played festivals like Coachella and have even been nominated for two Grammy’s for their third studio album ‘Solace’. 

To celebrate the huge accomplishments and to highlight the success of their mostly sold out world tour, they’ve released a film from a very special event that cohesively comes together as a beautiful art piece. 

‘Live From Joshua Tree’ sees the band performing an exclusive 40 minute show in the iconic and beautifully remote desert location. With the imagery of the breathtaking landscape incorporated into the artsy filmography, they’ve created a very unique immersive experience for their fans. 

The album portion of the project allows you to hear how the band brings songs like ‘Eyes’. ‘Solace’, ‘Underwater’ and ‘Innerbloom’ to life through their live show. 

Live rarity ‘Desert Night’ from their debut album ‘Atlas’ made it’s way into the exclusive set due to it’s fitting atmospheric inclusion. They also premiere new track ‘Valley of the Yuccas’ which they fittingly open the album and live show with. The oozing synths and alternative styled production has this pulsating approach which segues seamlessly into ‘Eyes’. 

Having witnessed Rufus Du Sol live a few times over the years, this album perfectly represents the strong artistry and sound that goes into one of their shows. 

The film then adds a cinematic and artistic experience which enhances this beautiful one off and one of a kind show. It’s stunning to watch and uses all of these incredible lights to add to the already beautiful natural backdrop. 

This was a really brilliant project and art-piece to add into this album cycle and show yet another side to their artistry and creative vision.