ALBUM REVIEW: LAUV – How I’m Feeling

Lauv’s rise to fame has come quickly, but it’s completely warranted. Following the breakthrough success of ‘I Like Me Better’, he’s opened up his heart and soul to listeners through his honest songwriter which confronts heartbreak and mental health in such a raw manner. 

His debut album ‘How I’m Feeling’ is a self-reflective coming of age record that becomes a powerful and honest commentary on modern day society and the anxieties we all face. At twenty one tracks long, this record is one of the longest albums released in recent times, and he manages  to keep your attention from start to finish. 

Opening with the progressive ‘Drugs & Internet’ he reflects on how his anxiety and depression saw him swapping his real life friends for medicated drugs and social media connections from the comfort of his bed, and coincidentally lays down the transparent foundations of this record. 

With fellow previous singles ‘fuck i’m lonely’, ‘Sims’, ‘Mean It’, ‘’Feelings’, ‘Sad Forever’, ‘Tattoos Together’, and the anthemic ‘Modern Loneliness’ highlighting the strength and vulnerability behind his artistry, Lauv introduces some emotionally fuelled new tracks. 

‘Believed’ is a early standout with it’s pulsating production behind the groovy guitar riff that drives the production while he lyrically ponders on overthinking instead of following his heart. “Should’ve believed in us while we existed. Cause now the whole thing’s fucked and just a figment of my imagination”. 

This record also showcases a lot of sonical experimentation while he shows all of the different sides of his personality and artistry. 

‘Lonely Eyes’ sounds like a Lauv song meets The Chainsmokers in such a great way. While the production is leaning towards the EDM mix of pop, he still delivers a strong songwriter narrative of feeling lonely and misunderstood.

He then experiments with K-Pop on ‘Who’ with BTS before diving into the Latin influenced ‘El Tejano’ featuring Sofia Reyes which just sounds like an updated version of Camila Cabello’s ‘Havana’. 

But the most special moments will always be when he just strips it all back and gives you pure vulnerability, and ‘Julia’ is a perfect representation of that.

The ultimately candid and raw track hears him explicitly apologising to his ex girlfriend Julia Michaels and taking ownership for the relationship not working out the way they had both hoped.

“Oh, Julia, I wish I never lied to ya. I never meant to hurt you like that and if I could go back, I’d leave you alone” he sings during the simple chorus. It’s a really beautiful and romantic moment of heartbreak that seeks forgiveness in a tasteful way. 

From start to finish, ‘How I’m Feeling’ is a deep dive into the mind and emotions of Lauv. It’s all about the art of understanding and the art of embracing your emotions with an open heart. While it is a long record, it doesn’t really matter as this is unapologetically for his fans. This is a record that encourages them to immerse themselves within and continually learn more about him and themselves. 

You can purchase a physical copy of ‘How I’m Feeling’ from Sanity HERE;