SINGLE REVIEW: Merci, Mercy – Fucked Myself Up

Introducing herself to the world with her debut single ‘Fucked Myself Up’, Merci Mercy has immediately turned heads by receiving the coveted cover spot on Spotify’s New Music Friday playlist in Australia and New Zealand. 

It’s not often a brand new artist gets that privilege but when it does happen it means that it’s something special, and she’s definitely apart of that percentage. 

‘Fucked Myself Up’ is a brutally honest track that combines candid vulnerability with a juxtaposition of bubbly indie-pop production. Reflecting on mental health and the destructive behaviour that we lead and coincidentally encourages our actions, she bares all her thoughts. 

It all starts with the opening confessional line; “Life flies by when you’re having the time of your life. But when you are down time stands still all around” which just sets the candid tone of flowing thoughts. And then she goes into the big chorus where she sings; “Fucked myself up on purpose cause too much is never enough”.

Delivering a bright indie-pop production she grooves through the verses before the additional guitar riff gives the chorus a bit more personality. But the whole song keeps a slick vibe that is experimental, explorative and just a down-right vibe.

It’s a very impressive debut from an artist that you are going to want to get to know more of.