SINGLE REVIEW: Demi Lovato – I Love Me

Demi Lovato kicked off the next chapter of her musical journey at the start of the year with a jaw dropping performance at the Grammy Awards of the beautiful ballad ‘Anyone’ from her forthcoming seventh studio album. And now the singer-songwriter has followed it up with the official lead single which is an empowering self-love anthem that encourages listeners to love themselves whole heartedly.

‘I Love Me’ follows her self explorative journey while she struggles to accept herself because of media and comments that she receives that feed off her vulnerabilities. But she’s taking back control of her narrative and taking back the shame she’s felt as she’s proudly found her confidence.

“Oh, why do I compare myself to everyone? And I always got my finger on the self-destruct. I wonder when I love me is enough” she questions during the fiery chorus while she later observes the contradicting traits she sometimes shows. “Cause I’m a black belt when I’m beating up on myself. But I’m an expert at giving love to somebody else”. 

The song is purely powered by empowerment and sass, while she really dives deep into her personal journey of self-love in a really honest and relatable way. As someone who also struggles with loving my body and loving who I am all the time, this song is a boost of fierce confidence as I remind myself that I am enough. 

The big pop production with the beat heavy verses add to the euphoric nature of the song and will continue to uplift you even more. This is seriously a huge song for so many different reasons.