SINGLE REVIEW: Katy Perry – Never Worn White

Following the sporadic release of three songs last year, Katy Perry has kicked off 2020 with a brand new ballad that will have you feeling all the emotions.

‘Never Worn White’ is a romantic pop moment that hears her crooning over wanting an everlasting love that accepts her for her, embraces her vulnerabilities and unconditionally loves her. 

Opening with the classic wedding march theme, the song graces into a beautiful piano ballad with atmospheric synths, strings and backing vocals that lift the song into the cinematic space. 

Following a string of big pop releases, this track hears her stripping it all back to her bare bones with a simplicity that is so raw but at the same time feels so grand. It’s a real victory moment for her as she captivates listeners with a beautiful delivery that celebrates both love and vulnerability. 

“Cause I’ve never worn white but I wanna get it right, yeah I really wanna try with you” she confesses during the soaring chorus. But it’s the pre-chorus that hears her stripping back her metaphorical layers and bares it all with the listener and her partner. “Thank God that you were man enough to come answer my mamma’s prayers. You asked the question, I said yes, but I’m scared”. 

It’s a simple pop moment which is stunningly beautiful and shows a softer side to Katy Perry again after a string of bold pop songs. It’s accompanying music video saw her announcing her pregnancy to the world in a really touching way.

Katy Perry is in Australia THIS weekend to perform at the ICC Women’s T20 World Cup 2020, held on Sunday 8 March at the Melbourne Cricket Ground for International Womens Day.