Following a mysterious drip-feed of singles, HAIM have finally announced that their third studio album ‘Women In Music Pt. III’ will be out on April 24. 

Returning to their guitar roots, their new single ‘The Steps’ hears the sister trio delivering a slightly harder rhythmic delivery than we’ve heard from them before. The drums are more prominent and the guitar is in your face, but there is still that signature HAIM essence in the mix which is just as cool as ever. 

Reflecting on a relationship that has gone stale, lead vocalist Danielle Haim sings about how they are growing further apart and no matter how hard she tries to bring them back together it’s as if the other person doesn’t even want to try. 

“Every time I think that I’ve been taking the steps. You end up mad at me for making a mess. I can’t understand, why you don’t understand me” she sings during the groovy chorus. 

While the production is definitely the hardest and most rock directed than they’ve done before, there is still a chilled out indie pop-rock sensibility injected into the stream of melodical consciousness which makes this just as quintessential HAIM as there other releases.