SINGLE REVIEW: Cub Sport – Confessions

It’s a very exciting time to be a Cub Sport fan. Following the announcement of the bands fourth studio album ‘Like Nirvana’ which will be released on May 8, the Brisbane indie-pop four piece have announced an intimate club tour as well as released the lead single to the new project. 

‘Confessions’ is a vulnerable affair of pure emotions and unravelling truths. The distorted track hears the band delivering a sound that is a lot grittier than their self-titled record. 

Opening with buzzing synthesiser and distorted vocoder, lead singer Tim Nelson begins a steady flow of confessions that hears them opening up their heart in a really vulnerable and candid way.

“The truth is I look unbelievable but I hate my body. The truth is I’m looking for myself and I can’t see it in anybody. The truth is I feel less okay than I thought I was. The truth is I’ve fallen into another trap of who I think I’m meant to be. The truth is I’m still lost” they spit out during the first verse.

But they then dive even deeper during the second verse and Nelson opens up about their personal gender free discovery which is such an empowering, beautiful and important message to share. it’s one that will help people who may be feeling lost or confused inside their own bodies and minds. “The truth is I don’t wanna be one of the boys. The truth is living by a gender makes me feel annoyed. The truth is I still don’t feel like I fit in anywhere” they whole heartedly confess. 

The production is very different to recent singles ‘Heart In Halves’ and ‘I Never Cried So Much In My Whole Life’, and takes a far left turn. Beginning very moody and gritty with atmospheric synths, guitar and drums begins to be layered within the very garage rock aesthetic.

It’s a moment for the fans. And it’s a moment of celebratory growth as Cub Sport proudly claim who they are as a band and the experimental layers that make up their sound and vision. 

Cub Sport Australian Tour

Saturday 4 April – Oxford Art Factory, Sydney

Saturday 11 April – The Zoo, Brisbane

Saturday 18 April – Howler, Melbourne