SINGLE REVIEW: Justin Timberlake feat. SZA – The Other Side

Last time Justin Timberlake worked on a Trolls soundtrack, the infectiously catchy (and simultaneously annoying) ‘Can’t Stop This Feeling’ was born. With the sequel ‘Trolls World Tour’ set to hit cinemas on March 26, the award winning singer-songwriter has finally unveiled the lead single to the soundtrack. 

‘The Other Side’ hears him teaming up with SZA for a radio ready moment that is as ultimately infectious as it’s predecessor. But luckily I can confirm that it’s not as annoying. Hallelujah! 

The empowering pop track encourages listeners to not give into the negative thoughts that haunt our mind and plague our perception of other peoples “perfect” lives. 

“Back on your feet again, lift your head, hold it high. You wanna run it back, but you can’t turn the time. You start to feel like you’re losing your shine. But the grass ain’t always greener on the other side” they both sing during the uplifting hook. 

With an almost call and response styled delivery, they both evenly share their voices and it works so well with the disco infused production. They bring the funk of their predecessor back and manage to keep the energy high and fun while you groove your way through the track. 

This is a fun pop moment that isn’t too serious and will work well for it’s family demographic. But above that, it isn’t groundbreaking.