SINGLE REVIEW: Evie Irie – Over Him

Evie Irie introduced herself to listeners last year with her hyper-confessional EP’ 5 Weeks In LA’ which carried quite the sonic punch with songs like the experimental ‘Bitter’ and the coming of age ‘The Optimist’. 

With an impressive introductory stream count following the release, the Seventeen year old singer-songwriter is ready to unveil the next chapter of her musical journey. 

‘Over Him’ is a fiery little track that is about a toxic relationship that is clearly not going well but takes some personal guts to cut ties. But as soon as she does it, there is a sense of relief which is then followed by a calming spirit that overcomes her urge to scream and yell. 

“I cry no tears, got my heels and call my friends. I had to top all my love getting over him. Took me to heaven, to hell and back again. I had to top all my love getting over him” she euphorically sings during the chorus. 

With distorted synths wailing during through the opening verse, her compelling vocals take prominent place is the spotlight and is then elevated by the smooth pop transition of the anthemic hook.

There is a bit of a angsty atmosphere to the production of this song. It just makes you want to cut ties with someone and walk away with no care in the world.